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134 mins. running time,

137 shots!

On-screen details

Brief, informative commentary

Professionally-cut disc

Quality soundtracks

PAL format

DVD: £15.00

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Our pioneer release, highlights Northwest mainline steam (from Beattock to the Peak District) between 2007 and 2011. The 134 minute disc focuses on superb and noteworthy performances from locos and crews, complemented by the stunning landscapes of the region, and, on occasion, the most glorious weather conditions.

46115 Scots Guardsman (27 mins.)

We start appropriately with 46115's unveiling at the Carnforth Open Day in 2008, before highlighting its first mainline runs in 30 years, including stunning winter scenes on the Settle & Carlisle and Little North Western, as well as breaking runs over Shap.

- The Lune Habitat, Sept. 2008 (3)

- WCRC excursion, Nov. 2008 (2)

- The Cumbrian Fellsman, Feb. 2009 (2)

- The Great Britain II, April 2009 (2)

- Scot Over Shap, May 2009 (3)

- The Hadrian, Oct.2009 (2)

- Cotton Mill Express, July 2010 (1)

- The Great Britain IV, April 2011 (3)

- The Waverley, July 2011 (2)

- The Hadrian, Oct. 2011 (3)

60163 Tornado (10 mins.)

The achievements of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust go without saying. We see the landmark loco on the rarely used northern section of the Cumbrian Coast, Newcastle-Carlisle line, S&C, and her first ever north and southbound climbs of Beattock.

- Cumbrian Coast Tornado, April 2010 (3)

- The Christmas Caledonian, Nov. 2010 (5)

- The Caledonian Tornado, Sept. 2011 (1)

6233 Duchess of Sutherland (13 mins.)

We see the Duchess in fine form in the last few years of her first mainline ticket in preservation, over Shap, Beattock and Ais Gill.

- The Great Britain, April 2007 (4)

- Cumbrian Mountain Express, July 2007 (2)

- The Citadel Express, May 2008 (3)

- Tyne Valley Tourer, Sept. 2008 (1)

- The Royal Scot, Oct. 2008 (4)

- The Citadel Express/Royal Scot, May 2010 (4)

- Cumbrian Mountain Express, August 2010 (2)

- Tyne Valley Tourer, Sept. 2010 (1)

- The Royal Scot, Oct. 2010 (1)

6201 Princess Elizabeth (27 mins.)

Popular and reliable Lizzy is captured in full cry on the S&C, Shap, and Beattock.

- Christmas Citadel Special, Dec. 2007 (4)

- Cumbrian Mountain Express (various, 2009-2011) (13)

- The Royal Scot, Oct. 2009 (3)

- The Coronation Scot, Nov. 2011 (9)

71000 Duke Of Gloucester (10 mins.)

We see the Duke on rarely used lines around the Cumbrian Coast, and blitzing Beattock.

- Cumbrian Coast Pullman, Feb/March 2007 & Feb/March 2008 (11)

- The North Briton, April 2008 (2)

5690 Leander (7 mins.)

We see Leander on the S&C - in not-so-high summer, and sparkling winter sun and snow.

- The Fellsman, July/Aug. 2009 (3)

- The Christmas Fellsman, Nov. 2010 (4)

45231 The Sherwood Forester (6 mins.)

The Black 5 is seen hauling no fewer than 12 coaches over the Long Drag.

- The Fellsman, Sept. 2011 (7)

45407 The Lancashire Fusilier (8 mins.)

Ian Riley's Black 5 is seen hard at work on a variety of Cotton Mill Express runs over Copy Pit, Sough, and Giggleswick Bank.

- Cotton Mill Express, Oct. 2008 (2)

- Cotton Mill Express, Nov. 2009 (2)

- Cotton Mill Express, Dec. 2009 (2)

44871 & 5690 Leander (8 mins.)

The superb pairing of a '5' and '5x' for the first time in many years are shown in all their winter glory.

- Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express, Dec. 2010 (2)

- Buxton Spa Express, Feb. 2011 (3)

48151 (10 mins.)

The Stanier Stalwart is shown on the now under-threat (for steam) Cumbrian Coast route, and blitzing Ais Gill.

- Cumbrian Coast Express et al., May 2007-May 2008 (9)

- The Dalesman, August 2007 (1)

- The Fellsman, June 2011 (2)

76079 (6 mins.)

The Standard 4 may never see work on the region's mainlines again; we look back at her runs over Copy Pit and Sough.

- Cotton Mill Express, Jan. 2008 (1)

- Cotton Mill Express, Dec. 2008 (3)

'Got the disc today-absolutely stunning. Ignoring the subject matter, the scenery is wonderful and the camera work top notch. You obviously have been very careful in selecting locations' (Tom, New Jersey, USA).


'The editing is spot-on, the commentary (I’m no fan of commentaries) is concise, informative and well-delivered, and even the title music is rather good (I suspect this may be composed and performed by the producers, though there’s no credit). It’s a cut above the machine-generated “Smart Sound” rubbish that some producers are content with.

Of course, all this technical quality and fine presentation is as naught unless the raw material is up to snuff. There’s no need to worry on that score. The camera work and choice of locations are of equally high standard. Pans and zooms are used sparingly and are always smooth and deliberate: no wobbles, no hesitations, no changes of mind part-way through, the subject always perfectly framed. Classically lit front three-quarter views are contrasted with contra-jour lighting, and lineside-fence shots are counter-balanced by long views from distant hill-tops. As much care has been taken over recording the sound, too. The microphones are kept out of the wind and rain yet still record every detail. I didn’t detect any overloading, and no interference from overhead lines – remarkable, given the number of shots on the WCML.' (Mark Fry, Steam Age Pictures, Oxfordshire).