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Northwest Mainline Steam 2016 Out Now

We're pleased to announce that the latest in our Northwest Mainline Steam series of films is now available. It's been an usual year, with the S&C closed from early February, but with the return of some big names - Flying Scotsman and Royal Scot no less. Nevertheless, we've been busy and had no trouble in gathering material. It's also given us the opportunity to explore some less familiar but equally worthwhile haunts - such as the Newcastle-Carlisle line (as featured above from a visit in 2010).



1-in-100 The Settle & Carlisle Explored With Steam Out Now

Our 8 year project on the S&C is now complete, and officially released. I never thought it would take 8 years, but the more we got into it, the more we seemed to need to film. I don't know how many hours we shot, but it must be over a hundred- scary! The original aim was established in 2003, and having started the project once, was re-started with the advent of High Definition technology in 2007. The earliest material is from February of that year, and the latest from February of this. In truth, the project was perhaps unknowingly started by my father in 1978, when he photographed 4771 Green Arrow at Ribblehead. That photo features in the film, alongside many others of his, showing many of things which have disappeared and changed in the years since then (and other facets which happily remain). The vast majority of the shots (over 95%) were recorded for this project, and the film aims to therefore not be a compilation of material from other releases, but the result of dedicated planning and shooting. I'm pleased that we are now also able to provide it in Blu-Ray format, enabling viewers to see the material as we do. If you buy it, I hope you enjoy it for many years to come.



Northwest Mainline Steam 2013 Out Now

The next in our annual series is now available. At 105 minutes in length, the DVD covers steam at work in the region from Todmorden in the south to Mallaig in the north. There is detailed coverage of Galatea's incredible return and a wide variety of other material with 45407, 44871, 60009, 46115, 46233, 61306, 44932, 62005, 5043, 45231, 61994, and 70013 all featuring. 


Northwest Mainline Steam 2012 

We are proud to announce the release of our first annual review, covering all of the key mainline events from 2012. 14 locomotives are captured at work in the region, from Preston in the south to Carstairs in the north. Click here for full details.


Busy summer helps us progress Settle-Carlisle DVD

With all of the Fellsman, Cumbrian Mountain Express, and Waverley railtours this summer, in addition to other one-off charters, we've made real in-roads into our next release, dedicated to steam on the Settle-Carlisle railway, and including footage dating back to 2007. The DVD plans to be around 2 hours in duration, and an Easter 2013 release date is planned. Watch this space!



New Sample For 'Uphill and Down Dale' Now On YouTube

To see a sample for the new DVD, of the profile on 46115 Scots Guardsman, click here.



Successful S&C Winter Season Filming

After 8 fairly self-indulgent Saturday's, we have loads of new material for the forthcoming Settle & Carlisle DVD. Check back soon for updates as this nears completion, due for release later this year.


Positive Feedback Rolling In
It has been great to have such positive feedback for our new, and first, DVD 'Uphill and Down Dale':

'Got the disc today-absolutely stunning. Ignoring the subject matter, the scenery is wonderful and the camera work top notch. You obviously have been very careful in selecting locations' (Tom, New Jersey, USA).

 'The editing is spot-on, the commentary (I’m no fan of commentaries) is concise, informative and well-delivered, and even the title music is rather good (I suspect this may be composed and performed by the producers, though there’s no credit). It’s a cut above the machine-generated “Smart Sound” rubbish that some producers are content with.

Of course, all this technical quality and fine presentation is as naught unless the raw material is up to snuff. There’s no need to worry on that score. The camera work and choice of locations are of equally high standard. Pans and zooms are used sparingly and are always smooth and deliberate: no wobbles, no hesitations, no changes of mind part-way through, the subject always perfectly framed. Classically lit front three-quarter views are contrasted with contra-jour lighting, and lineside-fence shots are counter-balanced by long views from distant hill-tops. As much care has been taken over recording the sound, too. The microphones are kept out of the wind and rain yet still record every detail. I didn’t detect any overloading, and no interference from overhead lines – remarkable, given the number of shots on the WCML.' (Mark Fry, Steam Age Pictures, Oxfordshire).



2012 filming begins
Looking forward to the double headed pairing of 45407 and 44871 over Shap and the S&C on the 28th - our first filiming outing of the New Year. Heavy snowfall on Shap last night - here's hoping it stays!


Ready to go!
Well, following nearly 5 years of filming, and 4 months of editing, the new DVD is ready to go! We hope that people have as much enjoyment watching it as we did gathering the footage. Looking back, we have enjoyed such a rich and varied period of Mainline steam. Perhaps 46115 has stolen the show, but with superb performances from Tornado, the Duchess, the Duke, Lizzie and even the much under-rated 8F, it's hard to judge! We also cannot fail to forget that despite the cull of British Railways in the 60s and 70s, we are very privileged to still see steam over Shap, Beattock and Ais Gill - as well as on some fairly remote sections of mainline, such as those north of Ravenglass on the Cumbrian Coast.

Long may it continue!